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Investing Talks Miguel Garcia

Investing Talks - Miguel Garcia

Investing Talks Name: Miguel Garcia Biographical note: Miguel Garcia was born in Moura, Alentejo. He grew up

Investing Talks - Rui Bairrada

Almost at the end of secondary school, I had my first professional experience. I imagined myself on a motorbike delivering pizzas, but I ended up making them. It was a short but enriching experience.

Investing Talks - John McNertney

I was born in Palo Alto, California, into a family of seven. We all knew that the Bay Area was changing during the early eighties, but nobody understood how central Silicon Valley could become in the future of technology and business.

Investing Talks - Artur Mariano

When I was 15, I was already trading REITs from a computer in Guarda, in my bedroom. And back then I knew cities like San Francisco or Boston by blocks, even without ever having been there.

Investing Talks - Massimo Forte

Living in Lisbon and working in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Brazil, Massimo Forte is first and foremost an Italian from Milan who fell in love with real estate, a business he considers to be people to people.

Investing Talks - Pedro Vicente

I was born in Leiria and travelled through several cities until I arrived in Lisbon in 1993. I dreamed of being a veterinary doctor. I ended up as a law graduate and doing my legal traineeship.

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What can we do to help?