With a cosmopolitan and innovative vision, we are two entrepreneurs with passion for the real estate market, with more than 15 years of experience at national and international level.

Proximity to the customer
is a characteristic that we are known for.

Together, in a professional and discreetwe analyse the best options on the market and deliver the proposals more profitable for your investment.
Since the searchthrough the property evaluationby the project development,
we adapt each case to the reality of the market - always protecting your capital.

Side by side, towards success, we are your ideal partner!


In collaboration with various real estate players, we help you capitalise on investments - we leverage your project.

Together, we will make a difference.


With the ambition to be
a reference company in consultancy/partnership,
our aim is to make the best investments in the portuguese real estate sector.


We are governed by ethics, commitment, rigour, confidentiality, innovation, trust and security.
What is good for you is also good for us.

Advantages of being a partner of Invest351

Direct relationship with specialists

Tailor-made solutions

Confidentiality and Security

Reduction of bureaucratic procedures

15 years of experience

Network of highly trusted partners

Alerts for investment opportunities

Travel to country of residence

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What can we do to help?
What can we do to help?